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Add a Contact Stripe

Click on the “+” sign and choose “Forms” and choose your favorite layout.

To edit the default fields of the contact form itself, left click a field and choose Edit field.

A box will open. Here you can change all of the field properties.

The field properties are important to set in order to create the correct data validation for each field. Choose:

Email for email validation

Date to add a date field

Checkbox to add a checkbox to the field

Phone for phone number validation

Text for non-validation field

Mandatory to create a must-fill field

Message for expanded non-validation field

  1. To insert your email to be the email the contact forms will arrive to, left click the submit “Send/Sbumit” button, choose edit > Submit, enter your email address and the Thank You message you wish to display.
  2. To change the label of the Submit button from the default “Send”, choose “Edit Label”.
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